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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Popcorn Bush



Mid-October and yet the first buds on the popcorn bush have barely emerged.  Drat!  The flowers of Cassia didymobotrya are butter-yellow beauties when they finally emerge, but I could still enjoy buttery fragrance while waiting: The foliage releases it at the slightest brush.  The same fragrance turns off all the nibblers and chompers.  And what a treat for the eyes that foliage is, too.  Those big-boned feathers of oval leaflets are as good a show in early Fall as they were in Spring.


Following my own advice, I planted three youngsters in one big pot, ensuring a bushy grouping over six feet tall and almost as wide.




But what about the flowers?  Late Spring was cooler than usual, which may have set the plants back by weeks.  In a few weeks, I'll move this pot into the greenhouse, which is cool as well; popcorn bushes I overwintered last year for a client had revived eagerly by mid-March.


Giving these bushes that extra time in comparable warmth may be just the trick to having them in flower all Summer through frost, too.  Stay tuned for next season's report.



Here's how to grow this architectural and—when it deigns to flower—feast-for-the-senses flowering tropical shrub.

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