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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Night-blooming Jasmine


The flowers of night-blooming jasmine may be palest green—and tiny—but their profusion makes up for their timid visuals. Other plusses of Cestrum nocturnum include fast growth, deer-resistant (but boring) foliage, love of pitiless heat, and a flowering season from late Spring to hard frost.



But nobody grows the plant for such good-citizen attributes.






Fragrance is the point of Cestrum nocturnum, and the plant pours it forth tirelessly from dusk to dawn. Even allowing for their profusion—a large bush in full flower can have hundreds of flowers open each night—it's still a marvel that such tiny flowers can create such a wave of penetrating odor.



OK, its sweetness is a little one-note, but the fragrance makes up for simplicity with intensity. You're welcome to bring your nose right up to the blossoms, but just walking in their vicinity is enough to make you surprised and delighted that an otherwise boring (and, in the dark, barely visible) bush is demanding your attention.






A cluster of scores of flowers develops at the tip of each stem. As that first cluster matures, the branch sends out side branches, each of which develops its own flower cluster. With full sun, reasonable soil, and a decent amount of water, blooming is continuous.






Here's how to grow a hybrid derived from Cestrum nocturnum and Cestrum diurnum, Cestrum 'Orange Peel'. The cultural needs of Cestrum nocturnum are the same. Because its flowers are greenish-white instead of the color of orange peel, it goes with everything.

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