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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Colorful New Stems of 'Winter Beauty' Honeysuckle



Naming any plant 'Winter Beauty' suggests that its beauty is in short supply in Spring, Summer, and Fall. I had drunk that Kool-Aid myself and, so, didn't pay attention to my own 'Winter Beauty' honeysuckle after its cool-weather flowering was through. Until today.


The new stems are purple, and not shy about it. And they emerge in orderly ranks from the sides of the shrub's older stems. And the new foliage is held above the stems so that they are visible their whole length. 



And the blue-green color of the new foliage is an elegant partner to the grape-jelly purple of the stems.




True, 'Winter-into-Summer Beauty' doesn't sing like 'Winter Beauty', and this shrub's fragrant early-season flowers are still the reason to grow it. But neither I nor any of my sources had mentioned even in passing that its new stems are a show in themselves. I guess we had all drunk the Kool-Aid.


Here's how to grow 'Winter Beauty' honeysuckle, as well as a look at the shrub when it's in flower in late Winter and early Spring. Happily, the same tactics that give this shrub a shapely profile year-round also enhance the production as well as display of these showy young stems.


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