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Good Together: 'Silver Fern' Raspberry with Variegated Great Burnet



'Silver Fern' raspberry was a star in the Summer—and is still a star in Fall. Here, it's partnering with the rosy-purple flowers of giant burnet. The raspberry's textured leaves have changed from their Summer green to the striking silver they flaunt when they emerged.


Pin-points of blackest burgundy at their edges call out to the cob-like flower clusters of the burnet, as do the rosy spines on the milky blue-pink cane and the leaves' stems.




By late November, hard frosts will kill back the burnet—and still harder ones will finally overcome the raspberry's thick foliage. Leafless and alone, the bare canes of Rubus thibetanus 'Silver Fern' can still carry the show by themselves: Their rosy spines and ghostly-pale canes maintain their colors through the cold months. 


Here's how to grow Rubus cockburnianus 'Aureus', another ornamental raspberry that also has chilly white stems in Winter and colorful foliage Spring through Fall. Its hardiness and handling are the same as those of Rubus thibetanus 'Silver Fern', but its foliage is chrome yellow.


Here's how great Sanguisorba officinalis 'Shiro Fukirin' looks as a bouquet. Here's how grow it. 

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