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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: 'Thérèse Bugnet' Rose in Bloom

Rosa Therese Bugnet in bloom 053115 640 


The shocks from a brutal Winter reveal themselves for months afterwards. My massive old 'New Dawn' roses—hardy to Zone 5, and my garden is nearly Zone 7—died back to the snowline and are only slowly resprouting. My Paulownia buds—three years in the making—were all killed; for the first time in memory, even the gigantic old specimen in the local park didn't flower.


The wisdom of growing plenty of plants that think that even your worst Winters are an insult to real Winters everywhere has never been clearer. Rosa 'Thérèse Bugnet' is so hardy it thrives in sub-Arctic Canada. No cold weather in the Lower 48 will faze it.  


Rosa Therese Bugnet in bloom detail 053115 640


The buds are raspberry red; see one at the extreme upper right of the picture above. They open into unusually large double flowers that could give those of many peonies a run for their money. True, pink would never be the first color I'd reach for. But there are so many pink-friendly plants, and so many of them are really hardy, that I've laid out not one but two huge pink borders for them.


In another year or so, this colony of Thérèse Bugnet will be big enough to divide. Athough the shrub can be grafted to a non-suckering rootstock, mine is own-root. Fine: Then there will be all the more to share. 



Here's how to grow Thérèse Bugnet rose, as well as a look at how colorful its young stems are in Winter.

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