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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: 'Morning Calm' Trumpet Vine

By August, the trumpet vines are in bloom. It's time to compare them. At the left, flower clusters at the far edge of a large standard of the native species, Campsis radicans.


Campsis Morning Calm in focus overall 080116 640


The deep orange blooms are showy but hardly unusual.


Campsis radicans in focus closer 080116 640


In the distance, two standards of a hybrid of the subtropical Asian species, Campsis grandiflora, with the native Campsis radicans. Even though these standards of 'Morning Calm' are farther away, the display is still more powerful. Truly, there's no comparison with the floral show of Campsis radicans.


Campsis Morning Calm in focus closer 080116 640


The corolla—the trumpet—of each flower of 'Morning Calm' is flares much farther out, while the apricot color is dramatically not the deep orange so typical of native trumpet vines. Even better, Campsis grandiflora doesn't terrorize surrounding plantings the way Campsis radicans does, by sending up fast-growing shoots from its roots.


Campsis Morning Calm in focus 080116 even closer 640 


Perhaps the biggest reason to grow Campsis radicans is its much greater hardiness: to Zone 4 instead of Zone 6. But I'm gardening in Zone 6, so what's my excuse? There's a Campsis radicans cultivar I don't yet grow, 'Jersey Peach'; below is a picture from a vendor that sometimes sells it.


campsis radicans jersey peach 640


'Jersey Peach' is supposed to be much more floriferous than 'Flava', the standard yellow cultivar pictured below. If the color of 'Jersey Peach' is peachier, these two pictures don't prove it.


campsis radicans Flava 080116 640


'Flava' is widely available so, of course, I'll hold out for 'Jersey Peach'. In a few years, it may create a display that rivals that of 'Morning Calm'.



Here's how to grow Campsis grandiflora 'Morning Calm', as well as some close-ups of its voluptuous flowers.


Here's how to grow Campsis radicans, as well as a look at its showy pods.


Here's how showy pollards of Campsis radicans can be even in the depths of Winter.

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