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The Best Season Ever: Snowden's Kniphofia

Flower spikes of red-hot pokers are typically crowded with flowers, and vivid in coloring. Flower spikes of Snowden's poker are strikingly airy, with an inch or so blossom to blossom.


Kniphofia snowdenii August 2018 915 


Seen closer, the blossoms only become more interesting. First, their apricot is just on the top of the central portion of the tube: the base and tip are yelllow, as is the underside. Second, the blossoms are arrayed with, so to speak, random alternateness: There may be a whorl of three, then a pair, then a singleton. Overall, the look is of both grace and space. 


 Kniphofia thomsonii var snowdenii August 2018 detail 915


Kniphofia thomsonii var. snowdenii is hardy only into Zone 7 so, alas, it would be a risk in my garden. (I purchased my pair from a nursery in Virginia—since closed, alas—where it was fully hardy.)  Plants are easy year-round when growing permanently in two or three-gallon containers: Water as needed when they are outside in the garden Spring into Fall, and allow a fair amount of dryness all Winter, especially if you overwinter in cool but frost-free shelter as I do.


Kept out of frost year-round, Snowden's poker is an irregular delight—even, as below, treating greenhouse visitors in December.


Kniphofia thomsonii var. snowdenii 121218 915



Here's how to grow Snowden's kniphofia directly in your colder portion of Zone 7 garden: just like I do for the Cool Knip cultivar. In warmer Zone 7 and milder, no mulching is needed.


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