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The Best Season Ever: 'Rubyglow' Passionvine in Bloom

The hardy passion vine has been in flower for months, and is just completing its floral show for the year. This giant tender form, Ruby Glow, is just starting to flower.


Its vegetative growth is exciting in itself. In the picture below, Ruby Glow is the nearest of the four towers that puncuate the far reaches of the garden. Next year, I'll supply a tower twenty feet high, not "just" fourteen.


Passifora alata Ruby Glow overall from southeast looking west 092218 915


The massive, colorful flowers of Passiflora alata 'Ruby Glow' are even more exciting than its large foliage and scale.


Passifora alata Ruby Glow from front with blossom held horizontal 092218 915


As if the ruby petals weren't showy enough, the corona of indigo-and-white filaments ensures that each blossom is over the top.


Passifora alata Ruby Glow from side with blossom held horizontal 092218 915


All the stems are dripping with egg-sized buds so, from now until frost threatens, Ruby Glow will produce additional blooms daily. 


Passifora alata Ruby Glow stem with pendulous buds a single flower from the side 092218 915


Before the first frosts, I'll cut the stems down to, say, four feet, and bring this tubbed specimen into shelter. If it lasts until spring and also has resprouted vigorously, I'll bring it back outside for the summer. If not, I'll purchase Ruby Glow again from the always-astounding Landcraft Environments.


Either way, in 2019 expect a full post on this singular vine. 




Here's how to grow Passiflora incarnata, one of the rare passion vines that are hardy in Zone 6. Its three-inch lavender-and-white flowers are classic.


Here's how to grow the hardiest passion vine, Passiflora lutea. Its foliage is unusual, and its hardiness—to coastal Maine!—is unique in the genus. I wouldn't be without it, and recommend it to clients frequently.


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