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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Apricot-Flowered Lion's Ears



The flowers of regular lion's ear are rich orange.  At long last, a paler cultivar, 'Naivasha Apricot'.  I've planted it in the Red Garden instead of the brighter-flowered species.  The size, habit, and enthusiasm are the same—but not, alas, the effect.  Inherent in a red garden is the unashamed trumpeting of hot colors.  Leonotus nepitifolia 'Naivasha Apricot' gets points for being new and fashionable, but at the expense of the red garden's overall heat. 


Someday, will I have space and energy to create an apricot garden?  It would be the promised land for plants whose flowers and foliage are too pale for the red garden—I mean the Red Garden—but too orange for the Pink Borders. 




Then this huge and eccentric annual—with satellite-shaped flower clusters from 'The Jetsons' each dangling a comically elongated pair of leafy bunny ears—will finally fit in.


Here's how to grow this easy annual.

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