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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Nally's Lime Dots



The appeal of willowy blue foliage and goes-with-anything flowers of 'Nally's Lime Dots' was always tempered by the plant's height:  Just as the colony reached the peak—literally—of perfection, the six-foot stems would teeter and splay.


This year, my mantra was "It's an aster, you silly goose.  Cut it back by half in June."  And my colonies have never looked better: Three to four feet tall, and—hooray!—completely self supporting.  If the colony hadn't been cut back, it would have grown as tall as I am, not (mostly) waist-high.


What if I did the cut-back even earlier, in late May, and then did a second round, just on the new growth, in early July?  Maybe the September "peak" of perfection for Boltonia asteroides 'Nally's Lime Dots' would be only thirty inches.


Th quest with this late- and long-flowering perennial is to see how low you both can go.


Here's how to grow this hardworking perennial.


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