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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Winter Jasmine in Leaf



Winter jasmine never fails to astound in climates—like this one, here in southern New England—where the idea of any jasmine's being hardy strikes the man in the street as a delusion.  Jasmine?  Those bountiful shrubs and vines of warm climates.  Sultry climates, even, where heroines in Tennessee Williams' plays languish.


But Winter jasmine thrives even in coastal Maine, and it's in bloom for months, December nearly to March, for me, when nearly everything else is entirely sick of the continuing cold and snow. 


And the rest of the year, it's in beautiful and pristine leaf.  Even after an exceptionally long warm season, the foliage is as clean and shiny as that of the other surprisingly cold-tolerant heat-lover it's climbing through: southern magnolia.




The pine-cone-like thing in the middle is the "fruit" of the magnolia, a show in itself.  I'll give it its own showcase later in the season, when it begins to extrude—really, that's the apt word—large orange seeds.  Meanwhile, the graceful cascading twigs of Jasminum nudiflorum are a lovely ornament to the magnolia's sizable charms, fruiting as well as foliar.



Here's how to grow this remarkable jasmine.


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