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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Red Abyssinian Banana



Late Summer through frost is high season for my ornamental bananas.  In the case of the Red Abyssinian, high in the literal sense, too.


I overwinter this massive species easily, by cutting it down to a stump before bringing it into the greenhouse.  By December it has already regrown to five feet tall.  In May I replant the beast in a huge terra cotta tub on the terrace.  After a Summer of warmth, water, fertilizer, and sun, it is once again the ten-foot giant you see here.


The enormous green leaves have a strong purple backing.  Add the deep-burgundy of the large central vein, and the result is a plant of peerless architectural presence in the warm-weather garden. 



The growth all begins from the base of the plant, which is really an enormous basal-leaved perennial, not a trunked species.  In a few weeks, just before killing frost, the plant will once again be sawn off to a foot, dug out of the terra cotta tub, and repotted into a remarkably small five-gallon nursery pot.




And while the huge pot—it's 30 inches in diameter—provides the necessarily large volume of soil for all the roots needed to sustain the massive top-growth, when the top is cut back to a stump, the roots can be cut back similarly.  When I dig the small stump out of the pot, I only need to dig a root ball that of same small size. 


What had been a huge specimen of Ensete maurelii enters the overwintering greenhouse the size of an old-fashioned manual typewriter, tucked under my arm.   


Here's how to grow this essential ornamental banana.


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