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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Giant Wingstem After Frost

verbesina micropteria frosted buds 101412 640


Ah, early frost.  It put the kibosh on the young flower buds of giant wingstem that were so full of promise two weeks ago.  Such a killing frost doesn't normally arrive until early November.  Would that two extra weeks have been enough time for the buds to open?  If not, thank goodness there are late Falls just as often as early Falls.  Would three weeks have been enough time?  A month?  That would put frost two weeks later than usual, whereas this year it was two weeks earlier than usual.  Remember, the average arrival date for the first killing frost here is in early November, and that means that a frost that late is just as likely—as inevitable—as a frost this early.


Surely, a month more of growing season would have been long enough for these buds to have matured to flowers.  Someday, some year, Verbesina microptera will be in full bloom in my garden.  Even if only for a day or two.



Here's how to grow this dramatic, architectural perennial.

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