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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Buttermint adult ivy



Adult ivy can take patience.  The gorgeous variegated foliage of 'Buttermint' is an understandable temptation—but the plant's microscopic rate of growth certainly is a high price.  Five years after planting, this little guy is enduring, but it sure isn't luxuriating. 


Although the common vining phase of the species itself is hardy to Zone 5—which is two hours north of here—the adult form is likely to rot away in Winter anywhere north of Baltimore unless it enjoys perfect Winter drainage.  With my flat terrain, heavy soil, and high water table, I've only myself to blame for not following my own advice for success with other forms of adult ivy here in New England: Grow adult ivy in containers.  


Fine.  My November kindness for Hedera helix 'Buttermint' will be to gently dig it up, pot it, and bring it into the heated greenhouse.  My established adult ivies have become much larger than this, and are now amenable to overwintering in the unheated greenhouse, which is less crowded than the heated.  Give this baby a couple of years, and it will join them.


Here's how to grow adult "poet's" ivy, whose hardiness and culture are very similar.

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