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The Best Season Ever: Pink Diamond tree hydrangeas



The flowers of 'Pink Diamond' tree hydrangeas turn pink quickly.  I have four of the shrubs in training as very tall standards, just like the training I'm giving the quartet of 'Unique' hydrangeas around the reflecting pool.  This is the north pair in early September.  They're seen almost in line, looking towards the back of the carriage house, to the left, and the house itself, to the right.  They are forming their high heads quickly. 


By late October, the heads are rosy pink.  




I retained some of the shoots that sprang from the bottom of the trunk, too.  They are keeping to their own schedule, with young, bright-white flowers just emerging.  In front, the big crop of petal-free flowers of 'Nally's Lime Dots' boltonia.


By late November, the hydrangea's leaves are gone, and the pink flowers have dried to shades of tan and brown.




The show is still great, and can be made permanent by cutting stems to bring inside for a Winter bouquet.  Left on the shrub, sloppy Winter weather eventually strips the flowers, first the larger infertile ones and then the smaller fertile ones. 




Handily, the harvesting of these stems of dried flowers is just the pruning my shrubs of Hydrangea paniculata 'Pink Diamond' needs to produce their next crop of fresh bloom in Summer. 


Here's how to grow a similar tree hydrangea, 'Unique'.  Here's a look at its larger-scale performance this year.

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