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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Red-Winged Rose



One of Winter's sharpest treats is the sawtooth thorns of red-winged rose.  This year, mine doesn't seem to have gotten the message that its thorns should be three or four times as wide, and a remarkable translucent pinkish-red.  Like these of two Summers ago, which are red-winged, indeed.




Communicating with this bush is best done by way of a hard pruning right after flowering—in mid-Spring.  For this Winter, then, narrow thorns (already impressive, true) are the show.




The burgundy stems are an asset, also.  Like "wings" that stay red in Winter instead of turning brown by Labor Day, they are produced best when the bush is pruned.


Some of the thorns on this stem show the width that any worthy of being called "wings" will have.




Rosa sericea f. pteracantha is one of the first roses to flower—in May, for me—so the pruning that will cause it to produce its translucent wed wings is just five months away.  I'm growing this rose as a pollard, so the new stems and wings will be displayed high above the surrounding perennials and lower shrubs.  Stay tuned for views of this shrub's exciting developments.


Here's how to grow red-winged rose.

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