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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Prickly Pear Cactus



In warm weather, prickly pear cacti flaunt large colorful flowers, on pads held erect. In cold weather, the pads reduce their water content enough so they don't freeze, resulting in the wrinkly and deflated look here.


This cultivar of Opuntia humifusa, 'Claude Barr', is particularly hardy, and stays low to the ground even at its perkiest. In the Winter, a colony looks like it was squashed by a semi while trying to cross the road.


Cacti as cold-weather roadkill.




Cacti that droop in cold weather help us look through the other end of the telescope. The important point is not that the cacti are wrinkly and floppy in February. No, the excitement is that they are perfectly hardy even though this isn't a classic cactus habitat—dry, above all—such as the southwest United States, Namibia, or Morocco. Dozens of cacti not only persist, but actually thrive, in climates that wouldn't seem at all helpful. Like mine here in New England: Sort-of-hot Summer, definitely-cold Winter, and one or both can be wet for weeks.  


And yet this cactus is growing well. As long as it's planted on a slope, in lean soil, 'Claude Barr' is unusually tolerant of Winter wet. It couldn't care less about cold, itself: the plant is hardy well into Canada. I'm growing it in one of my big troughs, in soil that's seriously sandy, too, so it's an easy keeper.


If a succulent could ever have an emotional state, this one's would be labeled as Content. In June, I'll post this plant again, by which time it will be reinflated and in flower. Then, its emotional state will be Pleased and Proud.


Here's how to grow a larger and somewhat less hardy form of prickly pear; all forms of Opuntia humifusa can be handled the same way. Because 'Claude Barr' is unusually hardy and moisture-tolerant, it's even easier to establish in circumstances that might not provide the ideal of sharp drainage through the Winter.

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