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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: The Curtain of Climbing Asparagus



The curtain of climbing asparagus is still ornamental even after having shed its leaves in the Fall. The twining stems and their horizontal branches remain woody and strong despite a Winter of heavy snow and wind.


Asparagus verticillatus is, nonetheless, an herbaceous vine. These stems are dead, and need to be clipped away to make room for Spring's new crop. Because the asparagus stems twined up actual twine, the job will be quick and easy. In a minute or two, I'll have cut everything away and carried it to the brushpile.


I'll save this praying-mantis egg mass. 




In the Fall, female mantises lay eggs that are embedded in a foamy excretion, which quickly hardens into a weather-proof structure that keeps the eggs intact through the Winter.


As the weather warms, the eggs hatch into young mantises. Mantis religiosa is an omnivorous carnivore, eating any creature it can catch—including fellow hatchlings if there aren't many other bugs nearby.




There's not likely to be any lack of prey in my gardens. I don't use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. That, combined with the profusion and diversity of plants in the large beds, ensures plenty of food and habitat for all.


Indeed, the reason the egg mass is in the garden in the first place is that that female found enough to eat last season. A mantis egg mass, then, is like a seal of approval, saying "Plenty of Nature Here: Yum!" 


Here's how the curtain of climbing asparagus look at the height of its Fall foliage.


Here's how the curtain of climbing asparagus looked in the Summer.


Here's how to grow climbing asparagus.

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