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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: 'Jolly Tiger' Fig



The one nursery in North America that offered the sensationally-variegated 'Jolly Tiger' fig closed a couple of years ago. Sigh. But a new friend saw my coverage of my own tree, and wrote in hopes I could spare some cuttings.  Figs root easily.


Even in the subtropical climates figs favor, the trees drop their leaves for the Winter.  But leafless doesn't mean lifeless: The young stems are green through-and-through.




Wrapped up in a damp paper towel, slipped into a self-sealing freezer bag and then into a Priority Mail envelope, these cuttings of Ficus carica 'Jolly Tiger' could ship anywhere on the continent. My new friend lives in nearby New York City, so the transit is particularly quick.




This Summer, I hope to show pictures of some of these cuttings, rooted and leafed-out. 'Jolly Tiger' may not yet be available again commercially, but from these six cuttings, ten or more new trees could be created.


One way or another, great plants find their fans.


Here's at look at this tree's exciting warm-weather foliage, as well as how to grow it. 

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