Louis Raymond experiments in his own gardens like

a mad scientist, searching out plants that most people have

never seen before & figuring out how to make them perform.- The Boston Globe

…Louis Raymond ensures that trees can grow in Brooklyn…

or just about any other place where concrete consumes

the dirt and skyscrapers shield the sunshine.- USA Today


NEW Trips to Take!

Myrtle's easy when the conditions are right.


NEW Plants to Try!

Louis tries to capture the exact words to describe the fleeting but deep pleasures to be found in these Summer-into-Autumn incredibles.


New Gardening to Do!

Allergic to bees? You can still have an exciting garden, full of flowers and color and wildlife.


Plant Profiles

Plow Breaker


Plow Breaker?  From these beautiful seeds, and this quickly-growing seedling, grows a grassland perennial from South Africa that eats farm equipment for lunch.

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Pennsylvania rhododendron


What a shock—in a good way—to be able to have any rhododendron be a part of the garden's Summer peak.  'Pennsylvania' doesn't let Spring tempt it into bloom.  (Then it would be just another rhododendron.)  It waits until July!

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Parrot Glad


This Parrot Glad seems to be shouting with joy.  "Yes, I'm really hardy—and I'm very much into orange and lime green!"

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Pink Indigo


I love my Pink Indigo—not least because it's so delicate and modest people can't believe I'd grow it at all.

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