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Myrtle's easy when the conditions are right.


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Louis tries to capture the exact words to describe the fleeting but deep pleasures to be found in these Summer-into-Autumn incredibles.


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Allergic to bees? You can still have an exciting garden, full of flowers and color and wildlife.


A Gardening Journal

Purple Butterbur



Every April, strange almost alien green eggs appear atop the gravel at the shady side of the driveway.  When they open up into spheres of countless cream flowers here, they don't look much less alien.  In fact, they look more like the compound insect-like eyes of some unknowable but intensely-observant Other than actual flowers.  


Well, let 'em look.

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Pink-leaved Chestnut



It's Spring, and things move fast:  Excitement might be afoot Tuesday but gone by Saturday.  And you won't want to miss it.


Certainly not this plant, the pink-leaved chestnut.  You read right.  Pink.  Look closer:

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Spring is Brutal




Spring is when gardens finally, well, Spring to life again.  Upward, outward, and onward—except in the case of so many of my own trees and shrubs.  With my help, their Spring direction is downward.  "A little off the top" doesn't begin to describe our little get-together with pruners and loppers and ladders and folding saws.  


But it's just this uncompromisingly enthusiastic Spring massacre that will make the garden's July to October peak as big and high and bountiful as it can be.


Welcome to a series of Spring prunings.

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Brazen Hussy ranunculus



Uncommon & Astonishing—and tiny.  And only for a few weeks in Spring, as if a daffodil and a daisy had had a love child who grew up to be gorgeous.


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