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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Berries of 'Rock Garden' Holly

Plants that are dwarf, overall, aren't necessarily dwarf in their details, too. (A shorter peony might still have full-sized blooms.) And taller plants don't automatically have larger parts. (The cones of giant sequoias are tiny.)




So it's a quirk, but not a surprise, that the gorgeous red berries of the dwarf holly, Ilex 'Rock Garden', are full size. And how helpful that this holly's leaves are also smaller, as well as grouped together: They're out of the way of the berries.




In this congested and small-scale context, berries of normal size appear larger. Because this holly is little, then, the show it creates is bigger. 


Here's how handsome Rock Garden holly is even when not in berry, plus information on how to grow it.

Here's how exciting Rock Garden holly is when its leaves are edged with rime ice.

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