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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: The Curtain of Climbing Asparagus



The climbing asparagus has never been more dramatic.  This asparagus cousin—with canes barely as thick as a pencil, but which can climb to fifteen feet—needs a bit of training to display its ultimate featheriness.  Fanning the swiftly-climbing stems outward around farther and farther diagonals of twine was this year's answer.  Voilà: A seasonal curtain.


The delicate foliage catches the low Summer sun, flashing into startling glow.




Looking from the sunny side into the shady pergola that the asparagus helps to curtain:  The diagonals of twine each host two or three of the tendril-like stems. 




Someday, somewhere—and soon, I hope—I'll have another opportunity to grow this extraordinary vine, Asparagus verticillatus.  Then I'll plant an entire row of it, as long as possible.  Each Summer, hundreds of eager stems will climb scores of vertical wires, as high as possible, creating a green scrim to separate a terrace from a garden, or one garden from another.  Or to ornament a long wall painted a solid saturated color—indigo, cerise, saffron, vermillion—that even the asparagus curtain can barely calm.   


Here's how to grow this ultra-hardy but graceful vine.


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