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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: 'Black Coral' elephant ear



'Black Coral' is the new ultimate in dark-leaved elephant ears, with glossy foliage so dark it could have been dipped in crude oil.  In New England, this heat-and-humidity lover is at its biggest and best in September, after the Summer months have amped its growth to the max.




The elephant ear's eggplant foliage is particularly jazzy near lighter colors.  Rubus cockburnianus 'Aurea' is at the right, Kalanchoe prolifera in front, and at the back, Solanum quitoense.


Here's how to grow Alocasia 'Sarian', a cousin of Colocasia 'Black Coral'.  Colocasia welcomes even richer soil and even more moisture: Unlike Alocasia, it thrives in saturated mud or even shallow water.  As long as it has the moisture it needs, 'Black Coral' welcomes full sun in even torrid climates.  Otherwise, the care is the same as for Alocasia.


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