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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Hardy Passion Vine



In this unprecedentedly mild season, both the rice-paper plant (the gigantic leaves) and the hardy passion vine (the tiny darker leaves in the center) have grown faster and bigger than ever.  With (almost) no help from me, the slender stems of the vine have been able to leap upward, again and again, to swag the emerging new leaves of the rice-paper plant.  These side stems didn't make the leap, and have cascaded with casual grace into the leafy shade.


The pale yellow flowers of Passiflora lutea are the show during the hot Summer months, and are a beautiful distraction from the vine's rounded three-lobed leaves, arrayed spaciously along wiry green stems.




In these last cool weeks before frost, the flowers have ceased, leaving the stage open for the foliage. 




In the back-lit glow of the mammoth leaves of Tetrapanax papyrifera, the pendulous growth of the passion vine could be an inspiration for Calder mobiles.


Here's how to grow this hardy passion vine.


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