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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Purple Mimosa in Flower



Ferny pinnate foliage of the green-leaved form of mimosa tree is found in many other species of trees, from tropical wonders such as jacaranda and "flamboyant" tree to hardier favorites such as wisteria and locust.  But there are surprisingly few ferny-leaved trees whose foliage is even blushed by purple, let alone saturated with it, as is so often seen in forms of trees with leaves of much simpler shapes, such as beech, maple, cherry, smoke bush, and crepe myrtle.


With almost no other ferny-leaved competition, it's no achievement for Albizia julibrissin 'Summer Chocolate' to be the champion of its own league.  But with foliage so deep, so dark, this mimosa is a winner among purple-leaved plants of any form and hardiness worldwide.


Could there be better contrast to the inky foliage than pale-green buds that open to white and pink flowers?




Mimosa's horizontal branches and open habit only enhance the display of the flowers, which perch atop the foliage at the tips of new twigs.


Here's how to grow this delicate, but tough and surprisingly hardy, subtropical tree.

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