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Bud Watch: Paper Bush



Winter teaches patience. The season itself lasts far too long. And some of the plants that are supposed to provide welcome diversion by producing colorful and fragrant flowers seem to be moving at a pace that is, well, glacial.


Maddeningly, the buds of this young paper bush seem to have been in suspended animation for over a month even though the plant is in a greenhouse that never falls below fifty degrees Fahrenheit. This edgeworthia has never experienced anything that could be dignified as actual Winter, but it is still dallying.


In mild climates, edgeworthia can be expected to be in bloom in January. Is the hesitancy of mine the insecurity of youth? Or a case of no good deed—growing the bush in a mild climate indeed: a cool grteenhouse—going unpunished.




So, I'll take my time, too. I'll have the full write-up of Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Snow Cream' ready when the shrub's tantalizing silver buds have deigned to open to their apricot-colored, shockingly-fragrant glory.


This, then, is the first in a series: Bud Watch.


I'm patient.

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