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Yezo Dwarf Willow



Willows to the left of me, willows to the right of me, willows above me—and here, willows below me.  The huge pond-side weepers are the biggest but by no means the most engaging of this large family's party-worthy relatives.  Meet this ravishing dwarf, growing in one of my troughs.

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Pink-leaved Chestnut



Five days from the first picture of April 19, and we've had some warmth and (just as important) a serious rain.  It takes a lot of water to inflate the large leaves.  And—who knows?—maybe it takes some special energy to turn them pink too.

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In a cool greenhouse meant only for overwintering everything from the Summer gardens, mere survival is the only goal.  It's a special treat when some plants can't resist bursting in bloom anyway.  


Like these yellow flower sprays that share their clunky name, surely, with a hand-on-hip sassy-mouthed Southern domestic from a Myra Loy movie of the Thirties:  Bulbine.  "Bul-BEAN"....

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