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A Gardening Journal

The Best Season Ever: Purple-leaved Peach

Want a woody plant with purple foliage? You've always had these choices: Round leaves? Smoke bushes. Elliptical? Beech leaves. Feathery? Japanese maples. Pinnate? 'Ruby Lace' locust leaves. 


But until dark-leaved forms of peach became available, there was no hardy woody whose burgundy leaves were both large and lance-shaped.  


If you can accommodate its fussy needs, 'Bonfire' peach is a showstopper.

Good Together: 'Silver Fern' Raspberry with 'River Mist' Sea Oats

So many different ornamental raspberries! The leaflets of 'Silver Fern' are fuzzy blue-gray, arrayed in pairs down a leaf stem—the rachis—that is, appropriately, raspberry colored. The unusual pinkish-white seedheads of 'River Mist' sea oats dangle in perfect harmony.  


Like all great plant pairings, the interactions of colors, textures, and forms of these two—ornamental grass with ornamental raspberry—just get more interesting the closer you look.

Good Together: Giant Potato Creeper & Tall Verbena

Giant potato creeper is strictly a tropical in New England, in the garden only by intent and at no little expense: Overwinter a specimen or buy a new plant each Spring. Tall verbena usually needs to be be planted only once, after which it seeds where it wants. 


Both species crave heat and sun, and some spots—cracks between pavers that bake in Summer, in particular—seem foolproof habitat for verbena's seeds to overwnter and germinate. Figure out where the verbena is a sure thing, and then set your pot of potato creeper nearby. As vastly as these species' size and habits contrast, their flowers' colors and their preferred exposures match.

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