Best Books On Succulents: Top Picks for 2023

Best Books On Succulents

Succulents have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their striking appearance, low maintenance requirements, and ability to thrive in various environments. For those interested in adding these unique plants to their collections or simply learning more about them, books dedicated to succulents can provide valuable information, tips, and stunning visuals to inspire both beginners and experts alike.

Best Books On Succulents

These books typically offer insight into the vast world of succulents, including their origins, care, and propagation methods. They might also delve into creative ways to display succulents in your home or garden, as well as exploring the diverse range of species available. With the right book, enthusiasts can learn to appreciate and cultivate succulents to their full potential.

When looking for a comprehensive guide on succulents, readers should pay close attention to factors such as the level of detail, clear instructions and guidelines, quality of visuals, and the book’s overall organization.

An informative yet accessible book will lead you on a journey through the captivating realm of these hardy, water-storing plants, providing you with the necessary tools and understanding to make informed decisions throughout your succulent-growing journey.

Armed with our research, experience, and enthusiasm for succulents, we’ve spent substantial time analyzing numerous books on this intriguing subject. We have carefully selected those that offer the most valuable insights, helpful advice, and captivating visuals, ensuring they cater to a wide range of readers, from novices to seasoned succulent enthusiasts. Join us as we dive into our top picks for the best books on succulents.

Best Books On Succulents

We have compiled a list of the best books on succulents to help you enhance your knowledge and passion for these beautiful plants. Each of these carefully selected books offers many key lessons, allowing you to confidently expand your understanding and care for succulents.

Essential Succulents: The Beginner’s Guide

Essential Succulents

As succulent enthusiasts, we believe this book is a must-have for beginners keen on learning about succulent care and maintenance.


  • Comprehensive succulent encyclopedia
  • Easy-to-follow care instructions
  • Photo references for each succulent type


  • Limited succulent variety
  • Not for experienced growers
  • Basic information

We recently delved into “Essential Succulents: The Beginner’s Guide” and found it incredibly helpful for succulent novices like us. The book provides detailed descriptions and full-page photos of various succulent species, allowing us to identify and learn about our favorites easily.

What sets this book apart from others is its clear and concise care instructions. The author explains the dos and don’ts of succulent maintenance, including light and water requirements, soil selection, and propagation methods. With this newfound knowledge, we can now grow and nurture our succulent collection with confidence.

Though we enjoyed the book’s content, it may not be suitable for all readers. As the title suggests, “Essential Succulents” is tailored for beginners, meaning experienced growers may find the information quite basic. Additionally, some readers may be disappointed by the limited succulent variety discussed in the book.

Overall, “Essential Succulents: The Beginner’s Guide” is a valuable resource for those new to the world of succulents. Its straightforward approach and visually appealing design make it a worthwhile recommendation for budding succulent enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge and skills.

Cacti And Succulents Bible

Cacti And Succulents Bible

This book is perfect for those looking to expand their knowledge of cacti and succulents with an easy-to-understand guide.


  • Comprehensive guide on growing, selecting, and pairing cacti and succulents
  • Offers practical tips for indoor and outdoor plant varieties
  • Well-organized and visually appealing


  • May not cover every single succulent variety
  • Requires basic knowledge of plant care
  • Some readers may find information repetitive

Having recently nurtured our collection of cacti and succulents, we found the Cacti And Succulents Bible to be a valuable resource in our journey. This book serves as an ultimate guide on how to grow, select, and pair cacti and succulents, providing basic techniques for their care.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and we appreciated how the tips were applicable to both indoor and outdoor plant varieties. We noticed an improvement in our plants’ health after implementing the guidance given in this book.

One thing we would have loved to see is an even more comprehensive list of succulent species. While the book covers several varieties, we found that not all of our plants were covered. Nonetheless, the book does an excellent job of explaining the general characteristics and care techniques for cacti and succulents.

In conclusion, the Cacti And Succulents Bible is an excellent purchase for plant enthusiasts looking to improve their knowledge of succulent care. Although some information may seem repetitive or basic for experienced gardeners, we recommend this book to anyone looking to grow a thriving cactus and succulent garden.

Cacti and Succulents Handbook

Cacti and Succulents Handbook

This handbook is an excellent choice for succulent enthusiasts seeking to expand their knowledge of over 140 species.


  • Comprehensive directory of common species
  • Well-presented information
  • Easy-to-follow growing techniques


  • Limited focus on propagation
  • Difficulty identifying certain species
  • Gray printing and blurry photos

We found the “Cacti and Succulents Handbook: Basic Growing Techniques and a Directory of More Than 140 Common Species and Varieties” to be an informative resource for understanding and nurturing these unique plants. With its detailed directory and well-presented information, the book is perfect for identifying various succulents, such as Cholla, Agave, Prickly Pear, Aloe, and Sansevieria.

One thing we particularly enjoyed about this book is its easy-to-follow growing techniques. As someone who lives in a desert climate, knowing how to care for these plants properly has been invaluable. This book simplifies many aspects of succulent care, allowing us to confidently apply these methods to our own gardens.

However, the book has a few setbacks. It lacks in-depth information on propagation methods and struggles with proper identification of certain common species. This may be a deterrent for some readers. Additionally, the gray printing and slightly blurry photos in the book may make it challenging to read and engage with.

In conclusion, the “Cacti and Succulents Handbook” is a solid resource for those looking to expand their knowledge on a wide variety of succulent species. Its detailed directory and practical growing techniques are ideal for any succulent enthusiast, but its limitations in species identification and propagation information leave us yearning for more. Overall, we enjoy utilizing this book as a helpful guide in our succulent journey.

Indoor Succulent Care: A Beginner’s Guide

Indoor Succulent Care Book Cover

A decent choice for those looking for a simple introduction to indoor succulent care, but lacking in visuals and detailed information.


  • Easy-to-understand language
  • Humorous title and approach
  • Concise at 35 pages


  • No visual aids or illustrations
  • Numerous typos and proofreading errors
  • Limited depth of information

After reading “Indoor Succulent Care: A Beginner’s Guide on How Succulent Plants Can Keep You Out of Trouble and Make You a Better Person,” we found it to be a relatively simple starter guide for those brand-new to caring for indoor succulents. The language used is easy to understand, making it accessible to a wide range of readers. Additionally, the humorous title and approach makes it an enjoyable read.

However, we also noticed several drawbacks to this book. Firstly, there are no visual aids or illustrations included to help readers better understand the care instructions or to identify specific succulent species. For a lot of people, the lack of visual guidance can be a major obstacle in grasping care concepts.

Furthermore, the book is riddled with typos and proofreading errors, which can be distracting and may lead some readers to question the overall credibility of the information provided. While the book’s concise nature is a pro, it also means that the depth of information is limited. Anyone looking to dive deeper into indoor succulent care may find this book to be insufficient for their needs.

In conclusion, “Indoor Succulent Care: A Beginner’s Guide” can serve as a decent starting point for someone entirely new to succulent care. Still, more experienced readers or those requiring visual guidance should consider other options for a comprehensive understanding of indoor succulent care.

Succulent, The Complete Guide

Succulent, The Complete Guide

A beginner’s guide to raising beautiful succulents, but with limited information and no visuals.


  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Pocket-sized and lightweight
  • Affordable option


  • Lack of visual aids or photos
  • Minimal content with only 29 pages
  • Mixed reviews on the quality of information

Upon reading “Succulent, The Complete Guide,” our first impression was that it is a handy and straightforward guide for beginners in succulent care. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, and the compact size makes it convenient to carry around.

However, as we dove deeper into the book, we couldn’t help but notice the absence of any visual aids or photos. Given that succulents are such visually appealing plants, this lack of imagery was disappointing. We also found the content to be minimal, with only 29 pages in total. In hindsight, this could be a reason for its affordable price.

Another concern raised was the mixed reviews regarding the quality of information provided. Some readers felt that the content read like it was sourced from the internet, which led to doubts about its credibility. That said, if you’re new to succulents and looking for a basic introduction, this book might still be worth considering.

In conclusion, while “Succulent, The Complete Guide” is an affordable and easy-to-carry guide for beginners, it may not satisfy those looking for in-depth knowledge or visual aids. We’d recommend this book for those who want a quick reference guide, but for a more comprehensive understanding, it might be wise to explore other options.

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Growing Cacti & Succulents

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Growing Cacti & Succulents

A great resource for cacti enthusiasts but may fall short for succulent identification.


  • Comprehensive cacti information
  • Beautiful photographs
  • Useful container gardening ideas


  • Limited succulent identification
  • Lacks common names for some plants
  • Photos tend to focus on flowers

Having spent time exploring the pages of “The Complete Illustrated Guide to Growing Cacti & Succulents,” we’ve found it to be an excellent resource for those passionate about cacti. The book is filled with beautiful photographs, elaborate botanical background information on various plant families, and offers creative ideas for container gardening.

However, as we delved deeper into the book, we realized that it lacks substantial information on succulent identification. The focus of the book leans more towards cacti, which could leave succulent enthusiasts wanting more. Additionally, the use of common plant names is scarce, making it slightly difficult for beginners to identify certain species.

The photography in the book is stunning and captures the essence of these desert plants. However, the focus tends to be more on the flowers, which might not be as helpful for those looking for clear visuals of the overall plant structure.

In conclusion, “The Complete Illustrated Guide to Growing Cacti & Succulents” is a great option for cacti lovers and can serve as a stunning coffee table book. However, if you’re in search of a more comprehensive guide on succulents, you might want to explore other options.

Growing Orchids for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide

Growing Orchids for Beginners

This book is perfect for those new to orchid care wanting to learn the essentials of growing beautiful orchids at home.


  • Clear and concise step-by-step instructions
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Lightweight and easy to read


  • Limited to only 78 pages
  • No in-depth coverage of specific orchid species
  • Print edition only, no digital version available

After reading “Growing Orchids for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide,” we gained valuable insights into the world of orchid care. The book covers essential topics such as selecting the right kind of orchids, understanding their growth patterns, and carrying out proper maintenance procedures. We appreciate the simplicity and clarity provided in this guide, which makes it ideal for those just starting with orchid care.

The author’s use of step-by-step instructions makes it easy to understand and follow, ensuring that even those with little or no experience can grow and nurture beautiful orchids at home. Although the book has a print length of only 78 pages, its content is highly focused and easy to absorb.

On the other hand, one drawback we noticed is that the book doesn’t deeply cover the care requirements of specific orchid species. However, it still provides a good starting point for beginners wanting to learn the basics of orchid care without getting overwhelmed by too much information.

In conclusion, “Growing Orchids for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide” is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning the essentials of orchid care. Its concise nature and step-by-step instructions make it highly accessible for novices, but the lack of in-depth information on specific species could be a limitation for those looking to expand their collection. Overall, we find this book useful and recommend it for those starting their orchid care journey.

The Practical Illustrated Guide to Growing Cacti & Succulents

The Practical Illustrated Guide to Growing Cacti & Succulents

A comprehensive and visually stunning guide to growing and caring for cacti and succulents, perfect for both beginners and experienced gardeners.


  • In-depth information on 400 varieties
  • Beautifully illustrated with 700 photographs
  • Detailed care and cultivation instructions


  • Tiny text may be difficult to read for some
  • Lacks information on certain popular species
  • Occasional confusion with other editions

We recently delved into “The Practical Illustrated Guide to Growing Cacti & Succulents” and were amazed at the wealth of information and stunning imagery included. This unique gardening reference book provides extensive details on over 400 varieties, making it an excellent resource for those looking to expand their knowledge on cacti and succulents.

The 700 photographs throughout the book not only capture the beauty of these plants but also serve as a helpful visual guide for identification and care. We appreciated how this book took the time to explain proper cultivation techniques, giving us the confidence to care for our own growing collection of succulents.

However, we did notice that the small text size may be challenging for some readers, especially those with vision issues. Additionally, a few popular species were not covered in this edition, which might be disappointing for some enthusiasts. Lastly, be aware that this book has been released under multiple titles, so double-check your purchase to ensure it’s not a duplicate.

Overall, “The Practical Illustrated Guide to Growing Cacti & Succulents” proved to be an invaluable resource in our quest to become better gardeners. Though it has a few minor drawbacks, the in-depth content and captivating photographs make it a must-have for any cacti and succulent lover.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care Handbook

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care Handbook

The Phalaenopsis Orchid Care Handbook is a concise guide for beginners, but it could benefit from more detailed content and improved presentation.


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Basic care instructions for Phalaenopsis orchids
  • Compact size for quick reference


  • Lack of diagrams and images
  • Limited depth of information
  • Complaints about writing quality

We picked up the Phalaenopsis Orchid Care Handbook expecting a simple, beginner-friendly guide on how to grow, care for, and fertilize our moth orchids. While it does provide basic care instructions, we found the content to be quite limited in scope and depth, which might leave new hobbyists wanting more.

The handbook’s compact size and print length of 35 pages make it a quick reference for essential care tips. However, we were disappointed by the lack of diagrams and images, which could have greatly enhanced our understanding of the care required for Phalaenopsis orchids. Some of the text also seems poorly composed, detracting from the overall value of this publication.

On the plus side, the book is budget-friendly compared to other options on the market. It may be suitable for those looking for a simple and accessible introduction to moth orchids without committing to a more expensive or comprehensive guide.

In summary, the Phalaenopsis Orchid Care Handbook may be a suitable choice for beginners seeking a brief overview of orchid care. However, for those who desire more comprehensive knowledge and visual aid, a different guide might be a more appropriate investment.

A Beginner’s Guide to Succulent Gardening

A Beginner's Guide to Succulent Gardening

Great for beginners who want a step-by-step guide to growing beautiful and long-lasting succulents.


  • Comprehensive guide for beginners
  • Well-organized and easy-to-understand content
  • Offers step-by-step instructions


  • May not cater to every specific succulent
  • Occasional repetitions in advice
  • Lacks in-depth coverage for outdoor succulents

After using this book, we found that it’s an excellent starter guide for anyone who wants to start growing beautiful and long-lasting succulents. The book consists of a well-designed and coherent format, making it easy for beginners to understand the various aspects of succulent gardening.

Additionally, this guide provides clear step-by-step instructions, making it simple for anyone to follow and achieve success in their gardening journey.

One thing we appreciate is the inclusion of illustrations within the book, which further aid in the understanding of the content. This feature, coupled with the easy-to-read language, adds to the overall appeal of this guide, especially for those who are new to the world of succulents.

However, this book isn’t without its drawbacks. While it does provide a comprehensive guide to succulent gardening, it does not cater to every specific type of succulent. As a result, owners of less common varieties may need to seek additional resources for their specific plants.

Furthermore, we found that there are occasional repetitions in the advice provided, which can be a slight drawback in terms of variety in the content. Additionally, the book does lack in-depth coverage of outdoor succulents which might be of interest to some readers.

Overall, A Beginner’s Guide to Succulent Gardening is a great resource for those starting their journey into the world of succulent gardening. It’s an accessible and comprehensive guide that makes it easy for anyone to learn the basics of these unique plants. While it may not cover every specific succulent, it’s still an excellent starting point for beginners.

Buying Guide

Consider Your Skill Level and Interests

When selecting a book on succulents, it’s important to consider your own skill level and interests. Are you a beginner looking for a comprehensive guide to get started, or are you more experienced and looking to expand your knowledge? Choose a book that addresses your needs and aligns with your interests.

Look for Clear Instructions and Illustrations

A great book on succulents should include clear instructions, descriptions, and illustrations. This can make learning about succulent care and propagation much easier. Look for books that feature high-quality photos, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions.

Focus on Key Information

When comparing books, try to find one that covers essential information, such as:

  • Succulent identification
  • Proper care and maintenance
  • Propagation techniques
  • Common pests and issues
  • Ideal growing conditions and environments

You may also want to look for books that discuss the history, varieties, and uses of succulents.

Additional Features and Formats

Consider any additional features that might be important to you, such as:

  • Online resources or downloadable content
  • Books available in multiple formats (e.g., print, digital, or audiobook)
  • Glossary or index for easy reference
  • Checklists, templates, or other helpful tools

This can enhance your learning experience and provide added value.

Key Lessons Learned

After reading each book, you should aim to learn the following key lessons:

  1. Understanding the unique needs and characteristics of succulents
  2. Mastering the basics of succulent care, including watering, soil, and lighting
  3. Gaining knowledge of different succulent species and their specific requirements
  4. Learning effective propagation techniques for growing your collection
  5. Troubleshooting common issues and preventing pests or diseases

By focusing on these key lessons, you’ll build a strong foundation in succulent care and cultivation.

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